Come One, Come All, to this Blessed Affair!

Hello friends, and welcome to the illustrious blog of RebornJumpman.  Yes, indeed, I am now adding to the congestion of the internet with my random (and most-likely to go unread) thoughts on random things that occur within the silliness of American life.  Before I begin to unleash them, please allow me to convey a few things that you can expect to find in my writings.

  • Lists: I like lists, I find them to be of great use and frequently wonder why Univerisity professors don’t usually approve of using them in term papers.  Lists do a great job of laying out a set of ideas and/or objectives without needlessly wasting  ink (which in my opinion is over-priced for the amount you recieve).
  • Parentheses: As you may have already figured, I also enjoy the use of parentheses.  While I may not use them as most would, I much prefer to throw my side rants into parenthesis in order to reserve commas and semicolins for more formal grammatical punctuation.
  • Text Jargon: One thing you will never see me use in this blog is text jargon.  I find it to be a dispicable profanation of the English language, and even with my vernacular use of the above points, I must draw a line here.
  • Profanity: On a more serious note, I will say that I am a follower of Christ, and a servant of Adonai, and thus I will do my very to best to avoid slander (or libel as it would be in this case) and coarse language/humor in accordance with the Bible (Colossians 3:8).
  • Expectations: you may expect both serious and irrelavant posts on this blog, as well as occasional time gaps between posts (lets face it, life is busy and I think I may have a mild case of A.D.D.). 
  • Consistancy: I wish I could say that all of my posts would have a solid introduction, body, and conclusion (which is what the eductional system has beaten into me over the last nineteen years of my life), however that expectation is (sadly) a little unrealistic.  There will usually be some interconnected theme resembling a thesis, however there may also be random statements posted when I don’t have time to sit down and write a full entry, as well as scattered thoughts inserted throughout (truth be told, I don’t really remember how this post started).
  • Consistancy cont…: One last thing that I think many may find a bit frustrating (I know I do) is that I have a bad habit of developing my thoughts as I write.  This being said, do not be surprised to find my posts shifting mid-text as this list has already demonstrated (this observation was noted upon reading over this entry).

If these points make your head or eyes hurt than you are probably overthinking them and sitting too close to the screen.  I recommend that you sit back, relax, and enter the world of my mind.  Follow the white rabbit.


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