Trust in the Lord and He will make straight your paths…

This must be a short post because I’m actually supposed to be working on a big research paper right now (which I am uber behind on).  It has indeed been an interesting day.  In the span of about nineteen hours I have gone from tired to grumpy (at work) to angry with God (at home) to joyful (at the cemetery… it might be best not to ask about this one), and back to tired.  However through it all, God has been faithful.  I have been a disciple since January of 2004, but I am still amazed at how patient God is.  I have accepted the fact that I am (at least) slightly emo at times and I occasionally get a little frustrated about situations, but I feel refreshed, renewed even.

God really did a work on my heart today and despite what some people may think in regards to our upcoming move, I know that it is what He is calling us to do.  It was weird, and yet, expected at the same time; many people criticized our choice to move away from where we have been grounded for the last several years, and especially the haste with which we are going, but I think we are in need of some clarification.

  1. We are not leaving because of anyone: The truth is quite simple, but not one that I expect everyone to understand.  We feel that God has released us from this place and it is our hearts desire to follow God wherever he leads us.
  2. We are not running away from situations: While times are kind of tough right now, the situation’s we are moving towards in Africa will (most likely) be exponentially greater.  We are not afraid of the tests God puts us through, because we know that the testing of our faith develops perseverance (James 1:3).  As Abby has so eloquently put it, “God says ‘jump’, we say ‘okay'”.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, it is not entirely irrational for us to be moving so quickly (I say “not entirely” because I think there is a negative tone attributed to irrationality.  In actuallity, past experience often indicates that God embodies a kind of rational irrationality. Key term anyone?).  The scriptures are full of examples of Godly people who up and left on a whim, trusting totally in God: Abraham left Ur, Moses and the Israelites left Egypt, the apostles left their homes and followed Jesus, so why is then that it is so unreasonable for us to pack up and go where God has called us to?

I’m not entirely sure about what God is planning to do once we have arrived, but I have a feeling it is going to be something big.  He has placed a passion in our hearts that draws us to Him, and He is faithful; He leads us beside still waters (which I just recently learned has a very practical meaning, not just some poetic phrase…).  To any of you who are concerned about this situation, I encourage you to pray and to trust in the Lord.

One love,


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