It’s a Gundam!

Alright, so I’ve been a fan of the Gundam series since middle school.  I like all of the series, but my favorite by far has been Gundam Wing, probably because it was the first I ever watched (by the way, the Gundam manga is always better).  For years I’d heard rumors that a life-sized Gundam was being built by the Japanese, but everyone knew there was no real substance to the claims.  But now, thanks to fellow WordPress user Moe Passion, I have seen photographic proof of the scale model of the RX78 Gundam being constructed in Japan.  To see the pictures go to Moe’s page.

The thing looks great, and it makes me wonder how long until we have actual Mobile Suits wandering around (which if you really think about is really quite frightening; I mean, in the anime Gundams are able to destroy quite a bit stuff in a short amount of stuff).  Anywho, I have to go, but check it out, it’s really quite cool.


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