Follow Your Heart

I know it is almost a cheesy line these days, but perhaps we can find a different way of following your heart.  The other day I was at church and I had an epiphany.  You see I’d been quite unsettled and on the verge of depression somedays because I felt like I was hundreds of miles away from home and wasting my life by simply working a part-time job waiting for the next semester to begin.  During the final worship set God told me a very simple truth: “I’ve called you to be a missionary, and that’s what you are.  Everywhere you go and everyone you meet, your mission is to make them see that I love them.”

I think sometimes I think of my calling as being a missionary-in-training.  “I’m in school right now, and afterwards I’m going to be a missionary!”  It’s an obvious truth that everywhere is a mission field, I’ve know this for quite some time but there is a difference between knowing and knowing.  Long-term missionarys (the ones who leave home and live with the people they’re ministering to) up-root and make a new home among the people God has led them to, and so why if everywhere is a mission field do I hold onto feelings of Florida being my home?  Sure there are some great memories and I miss my friends and family down there, but I’m no longer there.  I have been called out of the Sunshine State and my Father has given me a new mission field.

In all honesty I am tired and not really sure if this has followed a coherent train of thought, but I’ve said what’s on my heart, and that’s all I have for now.


One thought on “Follow Your Heart

  1. I like your thought of “everywhere is a mission field”. I feel that a lot of times people think the only way to be a missionary is to work in another country. However, we all have mission fields, and we go into every day.

    Great Post

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