Singing for Freedom

This song touched my heart tonight. It’s really amazing how much has changed over the last several months. God has really come through. I asked him to teach me more about him, and to draw me into a deeper relationship with him and he has. It’s interesting; I’d done really well for a couple weeks (or so it felt) and failed over the last two days. I neglected to spend any time in his word and very little in prayer. I don’t know why, just got distracted with everything going on this week I guess. But even after just one or two days I feel a hollowness in my heart. I feel empty. I feel weighed down by the hopelessness of this world.

Now more than ever I know that I belong to God, and doing his work. I belong in full-time ministry. I just cannot be fulfilled managing budgets, setting schedules, hiring/firing. It’s just not how I was made. I was created to care for God’s creation. I’m thankful for the freedom that has come and the love that has overcome. I am thankful for way that God has begun transforming my heart. There is just so much more out there than what we have. There is such a higher purpose to work for!

I pray that God would use this song for someone else the way he has used it for me. Something big is coming, and I am thrilled to be blessed enough to be part of it.


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