It’s the Small Stuff

A couple of quick stories of how God has been faithful to answer a simple prayer on two occasions recently.

  1. It was around 8:15 EST and I was working.  It had been a busy night and dispatching drivers had not been the easiest task but it was working out.  Suddenly a cross-town run came up which would leave a driver way out in the Northeast of town, away from all of the action.  Now these drivers are paid by the run so finishing up out there is not fun for them, because 95% of the time they will need to come back into town for their next run (a good 15 miles/25 minutes).As he was heading up to the Northeast I petitioned to God.  “God, this run sucks.  Please let their be another order out there for him.”  I looked at the map. “Actually, Beef O’Brady’s would be good because it’s right next to him.”  Just then the phone rang and the customer service rep answered.  It was a woman in the Northeast wanting to place an order for Beef O’Brady’s.  There was no real delay either.  I prayed and the phone rang.  Awesome.
  2. I dropped Abby off at the mall to go dress shopping.  After running some errands I came back to get her and after navigating the dismal abyss that is Forever 21, I found myself with my 3.5 year old son near the food court looking for my wife who had forgotten her phone.  At this point, we sat on a bench and prayed.  “God, please guide us in the right direction to find Mommy.”  And so we walked, and walked, heading to the farthest end of the mall.  There we stopped because Eli was inevitably drawn to the mechanical car, which I just so happened to have quarters for so he played until Abby made her way out of the last store at that end of the mall.

Many people would say that these were coincidental.  Sheer luck, but I disagree.

“In my experience there’s no such thing as luck.”

-Ben Kenobi
Star Wars IV: A New Hope

No, I believe that God is faithful, even in the small things.  Maybe we’re always asking for the big issues to be resolved, when really we should be earnestly trusting in the midst of the smallest things.  So what if I had gone the wrong direction in the mall, or if that driver had to travel back for his next run.  It happens to a lot of people.  But I serve a God who cares for his children, who delights in our faithfulness, who will not let us fail when our focus is on him.  It’s really quite cool how he cares about the small stuff we pray about.


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