Discovering the ScribeFire Add-On

I’m unsure how many people out there are enjoy blogging, but if you’re
like me you probably enjoy it way too much (even if you don’t have a lot
of followers… if any at all).  I actually have about six (6) blogs,
four of which I update somewhat regularly.  Every time I log in to
wordpress I am reminded that my computer isn’t as powerful as the new
resource heavy site and I really need to find a viable alternative to
post to my blogs without having to head over to WordPress.  Just as it began getting frustrated with poorly functioning Blog Clients I discover ScribeFire!  It’s pretty much awesome.  Below, I will post the link to the Firefox Add-on and Chrome Extension.

With ScribeFire you can simply right-click a selected text or webpage (and of course add shortcuts to Firefox if you’d prefer) and the browser will divide with ScribeFire on the bottom half.  For netbook users like myself, this isn’t exactly practical so you can set the preferences to default to a new tab or window when you open ScribeFire.  I primarily use WordPress so I’m not sure about other blog sites, but I have heard it also works flawlessly with Blogger.

One note: ScribeFire Classic is tried and true, but there is a newer version called ScribeFire Next.  I like the UI for ScribeFire Next, but was unable to access WordPress with it.  I hope it will be fixed soon so I can try it out.

ScribeFire Classic :: Add-ons for Firefox
ScribeFire :: Chrome Store Extension


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