Amazing Grace, or The Blowing of a Mind

So the other day I was hanging out at the office and had one of those moments when all of a sudden a thought knocks you back and blows your mind.  I’m fully aware of the implications of Jesus’ substitutionary death and the redemption we have because of it, but it’s one of those things that I’ve just kind of gotten used to.  I, and I assume others as well, just grow accustomed to things like miracles and certain doctrinal truths of the Bible to a point that they kind of lose their potency.

As I was winding up my shift I realized something that should have been obvious, but clearly not.  It’s the truth that Jesus died for my sin.  ALL of my sin, not just the pre-regenerative sin, but EVERY sin I’ve committed (willingly or not) before and after.  It’s hard for me to reconcile logically, but by God’s grace the Holy Spirit confirms this in my heart.  I may write more on this at a later time, but for now I just wanted to share and encourage anyone reading this.


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