Reactivation of RebornJumpman, or an Outlet for the Crazy in My Head

Like SkyNet, RebornJumpman is coming back online.  The last 48 hours or so have been been filled with some pretty lively debates, conversations, and thoughts regarding the happenings of the world with friends and family and frankly my head is spinning.  Over the last few years I’ve noticed that I’ve been using my Facebook more or less as an outlet for what’s on my mind.  Well, apparently it’s causing issues that I’m too tired to deal with so I’m reviving RebornJumpman to remedy the situation.

Truth be told, it’s good to be back here.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work I’ve been doing on, answering questions and teaching about the Bible, theology, prophecy, and now politics, but I need a place that can just be an outlet for the maze of thoughts in my head.

To anyone that decides to join me on this journey, I welcome you and invite you to join me in civil discussions/debates.


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