New Look, New Direction

Hey all, how have you been?  It’s been about 3 years since I wrote anything on this blog but having now done so, this has now become my longest running blog ever!  I started RebornJumpman way back in 2009 — those were simpler times, when I was young and hopeful with dreams of changing the world… nevertheless, time goes by and life looks different than I thought it would.  Anywho, much has happened in the last three years away, which if you also follow Ancient Abandon you already know.

In my time away I’ve been working a lot, finishing school, and generally just doing some growing up.  Ancient Abandon has grown nicely in that time, starting with 5 followers in 2013 and having over 200 in more than a dozen countries today!  However, I have found myself struggling to write for the site lately.  You see, Ancient Abandon has a pretty dedicated purpose — to help the post-modern/post-Christian world understand Christianity and to help Christians walk faithfully with Jesus through life in a postmodern Western society.  It’s a worthwhile ministry, to be sure, however I am a man of many interests.  I like writing/speaking about the news, politics, culture, science, music, film, video games, and all sorts of other things.

RebornJumpman, from the very first post back in 2009, has essentially been a journal-styled outlet for me to share my thoughts on whatever and that is exactly what I find myself in need of.  So with that said, I officially welcome you to RebornJumpman’s resurgence.  If you like what I cover, feel free to follow me, or not… it’s cool either way.  It just feels good to be back!


Best wishes,


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