#30DaySquatChallenge Day 5

So, because it’s so late I am not going to write much. Once again, I overslept my alarm so I missed my gym time, but I was still able to get my squats in before work. I definitely felt it in my quads in the first 10 squats, but it didn’t start becoming more difficult (or at least painful) until around number 35 or 40. I can see myself getting to a point in the future of this challenge to where I don’t want to continue with it, but I need to remind myself each day to press on and finish well. Beyond today’s squats for the challenge I had a day that was more active than usual today with a lot of walking (a little over 1200 steps) and some moderate lifting. It may not be a full workout, but it was something.

Tomorrow I will try for 75, though admittedly my legs, and my heels in particular, are bothering me more today than they had when I first started off. I work Saturdays, and since my gym doesn’t open until after I go in, I will be subbing my normal workout with a bodyweight routine to start my day. For what it’s worth, I’ll do my best to check in earlier in the day instead of waiting until just before midnight.


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