#30DaySquatChallenge Day 6

Man, I’m feeling it today. My legs are absolutely exhausted, though I’m not entirely sure it’s just because of the challenge. When I checked at 10am this morning I had already walked nearly 4500 steps, or roughly 2.5 miles. That’s not too much but after 75 squats today, and 145 squats in the last two days, my legs are ready for a break.

As I mentioned yesterday, I fill my weekends with bodyweight workouts because my gym opens later on those days and when I have to work I cannot make it there. With that said, I haven’t done anything beyond the squats this morning because my oldest son has been asking to workout with me! While I think he’s too young to go to the gym and do any weight lifting with me, I think this will be a great outlet for his abundance of energy and will help him to control his body as he grows from a boy into a young man. This evening before he goes to bed he and I will run through the following:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats/Wall Squats
  • Leg lifts
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Superman

I’m not sure if that’s the best thing for him, but it seems like a pretty good all around routine for someone just starting out, and I think we’ll have a good time with it. If anyone has suggestions for something that could be a better start for him, feel free to leave it in the comments!


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