#30DaySquatChallenge Day 7

Squats this morning went better than yesterday. I can really tell that my legs are getting stronger because while it was still a little tough to get through today’s sets, it wasn’t until I was in the 60’s that it really started to burn. Beyond that, I’ve started to notice that the first in the set of 10 that is the toughest which leads me to think it’s more of a mental hurdle that I’m overcoming. It’s like my mind is saying, “Our legs are tired and it’s going to hurt if you keep going” to which I just have to push through. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve been doing these incorrectly before or if I’m just now learning to control the muscles being targeted but today’s sets felt very different from the first 6 days. Instead of feeling like a strain on my quads the entire time, it was like I was instinctively engaging my hamstrings and glutes in a way that I haven’t before. Again, I could have just been doing them wrong before, but it was a pretty cool feeling!


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