#30SquatChallenge Days 8 – 12

First of all, apologies for missing the last few days. The work/life balance has been pretty crazy and I just haven’t had time to sit down and write anything. But here we go! 5 days in one post!

Day 8: Rest Day

Much like the last rest day, this one was pretty uneventful. It was Tuesday which meant it was arm and chest day at the gym. Pretty standard fare.

Day 9: 100 Squats

Going into day 9 I felt a little anxious. I’ve never tried to do that many squats (or any other exercise for that matter) before. I started out as usual with my morning stretching and a one mile warm up run. As it was Wednesday, I worked on my back with lateral pull downs and seated rows, as well as weighted hyper-extensions (I think that’s what they’re called) to target my lower back. After I finished those I moved on to the squats.

Starting off, I felt great. I knocked them out in sets of 10 – as I do – and it wasn’t until the 6th or 7th set that I started to really kind of feel it. I finished up all 100 and did some cool down stretching before showering and heading off to work. I felt really good like I had accomplished a milestone that I never thought I’d be able to get to!

Day 10: 105 Squats

Day 10 was much the same as the last one. I went back to arms and chest to start after my warm up, but the gym was really busy so I didn’t get a chance to hit everything I wanted to do. I made my way over to the little stretching room that my gyms has off to the side where I normally do my squats and, like the rest of the place, there were a lot of people in there so I found a spot in a corner of the room away from everyone else and got to work.

It was much the same as the day before but nothing too bad. Honestly, the biggest hurdle for me to overcome on this day was my own self-consciousness. I don’t really like working out around a lot of other people, especially when most (if not all) of them are in really good shape and clearly know what they’re doing. I’ve had enough judging glances over the years to know when people don’t want to see the fat guy working out. It’s probably just me getting inside of my own head, but it’s the reality of how I feel based on my experiences.

Day 11: 110 Squats

Normally I wrap up my workout with squats, but I thought on this day I would try something different. I figured, since doing more squats per day will take up more time I would start my workout with them. I did this so that if I had to drop something from the workout to get to work on time, I would at least meet my challenge goal for the day.

I started off with my stretches, but a I must admit that I didn’t do it for as long as usual. As I mentioned earlier, this week has been exhausting, and as a result I actually slept through 2 of my 3 alarms on this day so I got to the gym nearly an hour later than I was hoping to. Due to this lack of time, I stretched quickly and skipped my warmup run.

The first couple of sets were fine, but the 3rd were somewhat difficult. Around squat number 80, I was really feeling it, and it hurt. My groin was getting pretty sore and my quads were burning, but I had to keep going. As I reached number 90 I stopped for a moment and realized that my legs felt really stiff. Rubbing my quads and trying to stretch a bit more, I realized that my lower quads (the down by where they connect to the knees) were swollen. I’ll admit, it kind of freaked me out a little, but I was already so close and I wanted to finish.

I knocked out the last 20 and had to do some serious stretching afterwards but I was pretty sore and worn out. I took a shower and put some ice on my knees when I got to work to help with the swelling which did go down shortly thereafter.

Day 12: Rest Day

After all of that, and the crazy week I’d been having, I decided to take yesterday as an actual rest day. No gym, no squats, just sleep. I’ll be posting about today (day 13) later on, but for now I just wanted to get caught up.


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