#30DaySquatChallenge Day 13

Today I tried something a little different, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s how this challenge is supposed to be done. Rather than knocking out 130 squats all at once, I broke it up and spread it out through the morning.

I did my first “set” of 40 around 7:30am and it was pretty easy. Once again I am impressed at the effectiveness of this challenge. By the end of the third day in a row my legs are pretty sore and tired, but after the rest day I not only feel refreshed, but ready push beyond what I had previously thought I could do.

An hour and a half later (around 9:00am) I did my second set of 40. Again, it wasn’t too bad, though I could definitely feel the burn in my quads more than before. At 10:30am I did a set of 30, and finally around 11:30 I did the last set of 20. This last set, particularly the last 10 squats were more of a challenge. My lower and outer quads were burning and my groin started feeling pretty tight. After each set I walked around my workplace a bit to cool down, and have been doing stretches throughout the day.

Like I said, I’m not sure if this is exactly how I should be doing the challenge, but it definitely worked out better than the last time. Now obviously I’m not quite halfway through this month-long challenge, but looking forward I’m excited to moving beyond body weight squats and adding weight to really start building my legs. I’ve also started looking into dead lifts which is another workout I’ve never tried. From everything I’ve seen and read about them, dead lifts appear to almost be a perfect exercise. Anyway, that’s another post for the future. Tomorrow’s goal is 135. See you all then!


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